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Waterfowl and Eggs

Polled Dorset Sheep and Lambs.

Combining the finest traditions of the past with the latest technology Roodehaan Farm embraces the family farm philosophy.  Plants provide nourishment for our animals who, in turn, build soil health with their manure. Weeds pulled from the garden are treats for the poultry.  Everything works together. 

Growing up, our parents taught us that proper care of our gardens and barnyards was our responsibility and duty as stewards of the land. The land always bound the family together, making us dependent upon one another.  Pride was earned through consistency and hard work, mindful that each day was a gift.  Farming is not an easy profession...the lambing barn is usually freezing and harvesting vegetables is often sweltering but the joy of a new arrival whether one with legs or roots provides excitement and makes us ready to put on our boots again in the morning.

 Pasture rotation is frequent and minimizes the need for excessive medication to deworm.  We also utilize natural substances like diatomaceous earth and pumpkins to control internal parasites between medications. 

Antibiotics are never given to stimulate and accelerate growth.  Careful detail is given to supplying a balanced ration, species specific mineralized salt and fresh water changed twice a day with attention to the stage of growth and development that each animal is in at that time.

Raising animals this way is more costly than squeezing animals into a building, but it is how our parents and their parents before them raised livestock.  Our animals socialize and play, displaying the behaviors that they were born to exhibit.

Bruins - Roodehaan Farm

Chickens and Eggs