Barred Holland

According to the Livestock Conservancy, this breed was developed in 1934 at Rutgers University to meet the need for a white egg laying bird which also produced a quality carcass.  Hardy foragers, they adapt well to small homesteads.  Contact us for fertile eggs or breeding stock to help us bring this breed back from the brink of extinction.

Educational Videos on the Egg .

Many people concerned with the food that they are eating today, question the difference between pastured hens’ eggs and those produced in a caged situation.  According to Health Ambition, eggs from pastured hens have: twice the omega3 fatty acids, three times the amount of Vitamin E, seven times the amount of Vitamin A beta carotene, six times the amount of Vitamin D, more vitamin B and more lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants important to eye health.  Pastured hens’ eggs have 25% less fat and 33% less cholesterol. 

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