Jersey Wooly

Zach is available as a stud and is representative of this friendly, easy to care for breed of rabbits.  Introduced by Bonnie Seeley of Highbridge, NJ in 1984, this breed is mild mannered and weighs in at a whopping 3 pounds.

Beveren Rabbits

In the late 1800s, fur coats were the rage.  The Beveren rabbit was developed to meet this need.  Nicknamed “the Breed of Distinction”, the Beveren is on the Livestock Conservancy’s “Watch” list due to its declining numbers.  This Heritage breed comes in white, black and blue colors and weighs in at 12 pounds of lustrous, long fur.  Rabbits are most widely known for their friendly attitude, making them great pets, but they are also used for soil-building manure and low calorie, high protein meat.

Bruins - Roodehaan Farm